Saturday, 5 December 2015



IMG_0993At 09.10 we pull pins and leave our mooring at Hemel Hempstead and head up through Boxmoor lock and on our way to the expensive but lovely town of Berkhamstead.

IMG_1004Passing through Winkwell swing bridge and you had better get it right Carolyn

IMG_1000Because if you don't it will cost us 50 pence.

IMG_1006Well done Carolyn and no fine for us…. I was just wondering is there a horse somewhere with only one shoe.

IMG_1009Just before Berkhamstead we passed George and Carol on WB Still Rockin and said a quick hello before moving on to the water point and filling up our tank before reaching Berko.

IMG_1010I think it could be a Pike or a Perch …. Carolyn said that I am an idiot and didn't understand the sign .   It must have been a Large Carp then.

IMG_1013 I wonder if there really is a ledge ,or is it that they don't want a boat moored outside their house (which is on the towpath side)

IMG_1016Always read the small print. Which is… House ,Great and Welcome.

IMG_1018After a good cruise we arrived in the Port of Berkhamstead and picked up a mooring above the lock opposite Canal fields Park. We will have one or two days here as it is a town that we both enjoy visiting although its a bit upmarket being a popular town for people that commute to London.

                                                                                                                 Happy Days

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