Saturday, 12 December 2015

Chillin up the Wendover

 We are still up the end of The Wendover arm and with Nb Mandalay we are the only boats here. At this time of year you get very few walkers so its a great place to chill for a day or two.

 With plenty of good walks we are soon off on our travels and enjoying The Chiltern hills. I think more practice is required in the art of taking a selfie.

 I wonder what Carolyn is putting in her pocket ?. Could it be a Turnip from the Turnip field we are in…..PS It tasted lovely with our roast Pork dinner.

 Nothing much has changed on the Wendover arm restoration work below the wooden bridge 4 since the last time we were here.

 But its good to see work is being carried out on the Wendover side of the bridge. With all the work being carried out by volunteers its a very slow job. But you can see that progress is being made.They have a website where you can follow them just click on the following link.

 The bridge at Little Tring ,just before you get to the end of the arm.

 Built 15 years ago and I bet that brickwork wasn't easy to do.

 This is the pumping station where water is pumped from the reservoir that keeps Tring summit topped up. It has been pumping most of the time we have been here. With very few boats on the move and the locks not being used I would have thought there is probably a rather large leak somewhere.

This is one Bird we see a lot of up here in the Chilterns , Its a  Red Kite. Between 1989 and 1994, kites from Spain were imported and released into the Chilterns by the RSPB and English Nature (now Natural England). Red kites started breeding in the Chilterns in 1992 and now there could be over 1,000 breeding pairs in the area. The reintroduction has been so successful it is not possible to monitor all the nests, so the overall size of the population can only be estimated. Since 1999, chicks have been taken from the Chilterns to reintroduction sites in other parts of the country.
After a couple of peaceful days here and enjoying the Red Kites soaring overhead it will soon be time to move on again .It will take us a couple of days to get from here to Leighton Buzzard where Carolyn wants to do a bit of the S word ( No not that S word ,its shopping) so we will have a couple of days there before moving on again  .

                                                               Happy Days


  1. Ahh. Fame at last...perhaps we will havetime for a chat next time.Composting toilets spring to mind. I love mine, Keep up the good work. Nick (Nb Mandalay)

    1. Hi Nick , That sounds like a good plan . Look forward to meeting up with you sometime . Gary