Friday, 18 December 2015

Slow tap

 We had a bit of a lie in at Campbell park and never woke up till 09.00,probably something to do with the whiskey the day before. Anyway we pulled pins at 10.00 and got on the water point at Gifford park which along with Hillmorton has to be the slowest taps in the World.

 After doing the rubbish and elsan there's plenty of time for a cup of tea while we wait.

 I love all these old signs on this new build at Bradwell.

 Next stop is Wolverton and a Tesco shop.

 Now this is something I just couldn't resist, 25% off wine when you buy 6 bottles or more .So after buying just a few bottles and carting them back to Inca I think that should last me until ???????. ... Thank you Mr Tesco.    Just the ticket.

On our way again and we have decided to head to Cosgrove and pick up a mooring there for the night, as we know there's good TV and Internet so that will do us. We passed this load of rubbish on the way . Its obviously a boater that's dumped it. Such a shame as it makes us all look bad.

                                                                              Happy Days


  1. Your collection of red wine makes me look positively abstemious, Gary! But wait! Our local supermarket has my favourite chardonnay at $12.79 (down from $18-ish) starting on Monday so instead of taking the granny trolley I am driving there in the car, and making sure the boot is empty first! I may make room for a couple of bottles of muscato for David if he's very well behaved ...
    That tap at Campbell Park is very slow isn't it? David and I had time to eat lunch while waiting for the tank to fill there.
    Hugs to you both, Marilyn

  2. Hi Marilyn . At $2.21 to the pound that's not bad .. Fill that boot and the back seats. What a slow tap, but I suppose we are retired so it shouldn't really matter about how long it takes . Just so you know we are having a heatwave here 15deg C today. Saving a fortune on coal ... Happy Days