Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Always have a backup

They say that on a boat you should have a backup plan for every eventuality. We have a generator if the engine fails , spare water pump , two forms of heating etc etc. But when it came to hair clippers who would have thought that they would pack up halfway through cutting your hair. Luckily being in Leighton Buzzard Carolyn was soon on the phone and tracked down some new ones. I just had to sit on Inca with a hat on for a couple of hours..... Its all good fun !!!!

                                                                  Happy Days


  1. I can commiserate, the same thing happened to me. I had clipped it down to the wood on one side when they died, so rang my wife's hair dresser who had a jolly good laugh & then agreed to see me immediately.

  2. Just lucky we were near a town or it could have been rather embarrassing ..

  3. The scissors and your razor would be the onsite backup, Gary. And then you'd need to wear the beanie for a few days till the stubble started to show through and you stopped looking like a criminal!
    I note your hair looks rather grey quite close to the scalp ...
    Big hugs to you both, M&D

  4. That's it Marilyn McDonald, I'm never speaking to you again . It's blonde not grey . Funny how Carolyn said exactly the same though ...