Thursday, 17 December 2015

Milton Keynes

 We had an early start as Carolyn wanted to get into Milton Keynes as early as possible. As we approached the town we came across this motorcycle that had been thrown in the canal . No doubt someones pride and joy that some little scroat nicked.

 We passed this boat with a generator and I was well impressed that someone added an exhaust and tried to quieten it down.
 No sooner had we moored at Campbell park then Carolyn is off over the bridge being watched by Hamish. Its a one mile walk uphill to the shopping centre in Milton Keynes.
 With Carolyn gone myself and Hamish went around for a cuppa with our friend Paul on his boat and ended up on the Whiskey. Needless to say I had one or three too many and after returning to Inca I didn't see much more of the day. ZZzzzzz
 With the camera in her bag Carolyn snapped a few festive snaps from the centre.

After what she said was a very enjoyable 7 hours shopping Carolyn caught the bus down from the shopping centre to Campbell park and somehow I walked over to meet her and carry everything back to Inca. Hopefully that's all the Christmas shopping done ,but I wouldn't bet on it.

                                                                Happy Days

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