Thursday, 31 December 2015

Christmas in Devon


IMG_1486After a 4 hour journey on Christmas eve we eventually made it back toTotnes in Devon. It wasnt long before number one son met up with us and we had a glass or three of wine together.

IMG_1491Christmas morning and a very excited Curly is up first thing and openeing her presents.

IMG_1529I also opened my presents and Guess what ? . I got a radio controlled Hellicopter from Carolyn… Just the ticket !!

IMG_1505It was then down to my number one sisters house for a lovely Christmas lunch. We even had Champagne and Caviar, How the other half live !!.

IMG_1515A Happy Christmas day was had by all.

IMG_1514In the evening the games came out. We discovered that only some of us were Articulate while the others were a bit Unarticulate. With Liam and Tasha (right in picture) being teachers the rest of us didnt stand much of a chance. But it was all good fun and we had a real good laugh.

IMG_1548After a brilliant time and all of that excitement it became too much for my dear old Mum and she just had to have 40 winks.

After a few days in Devon its now time to start heading back home to Inca and then out of the marina and on with our Winter cruise.

                                                                                               Happy Days


  1. great blog . some lovely pictures of our family just one picture not so very good ( wonder which one that was )x

  2. Hope we see some snaps of your new toy exploring the waterways!
    Happy New Year to you both

    1. Hi Debby and Dave, A very happy new year to you..

  3. Happy New Year to you both. Hope to meet up again in 2016!

    1. Hi Carol and George. A very happy new year to both of you. Hopefully we should end up in the same place during the year. Have a good one !