Saturday, 11 July 2015

Warning Dodgy mooring !!!!!!!


IMG_2584After another great days cruising on the river Avon we picked up this mooring for the night at Harvington ( Robert Aickman) Lock. Yet again we are on the poles in case of flooding.

IMG_2596The following morning after a very peaceful night out in the country we pulled pins (Untied ropes) and headed on down the river Avon.We soon reached Offenham lock where we got shot of all our waste and filled with water. I'm not sure what this tower is about on the lock but i thought it looked like some sort of Lighthouse. Or is it a Dalek ??????.

IMG_2610From Offenham its not long before you get to Evesham lock . And how about this for a lock landing. Its right in the middle of the weir. Carolyn had a few problems walking along the steel walkway with all that water running underneath.

IMG_2613The lock keepers cottage that was nearly washed away in the 2007 floods.

IMG_2624After stopping above the lock and doing a shop in Aldi which is very handy and a short distance from the river we dropped down the lock and passed under Workman Bridge.

IMG_2627Warning   !!!!..

After passing under Workman bridge we picked up what we thought was a great mooring on Workman Park. Not long after mooring we saw several police officers in the park talking to a group of young men. The men went on their way and all was ok until later in the evening. It seems that groups of Eastern Europeans congregate in the park where they drink ,get drunk and cause no end of disturbance.We spoke to some locals later in the evening who said that this is an on going problem and they have had enough of it .It was too late to move so we thought we would just have to stay and hope for the best. We were going to walk into the town and have a look around but thought better of it after a couple of groups of men returned.

After a bad night ,with the groups of Men drinking and shouting for most of the night we decided on an early start and pulled pins at 07.00 and left as soon as possible. In over 2 years of living afloat this is the worst night we have ever had on any mooring. My advice to anybody coming through Evesham is to avoid these moorings at all cost….Its Such a shame as I'm sure Evesham has a lot to offer for visiting boaters.

                                                                                                      Happy Days (When not moored in Evesham)


  1. some very nice looking spots you stopped.I would really not liked to have stopped at Evesham .x

  2. I'm sure Evesham is a lovely place, just couldn't risk leaving Inca with that bunch of idiots around ....

  3. Gary Carolyn what a shame Evesham was delightful years ago, I remember getting my 1st taste for the sweet Victoria plums there then.

    1. Hi Ade , Just hope they sort it out there .ps Can't beat a Victoria plum .

  4. We moored there last night with no problem at all. A single police officer walked along early on and spoke to two chaps on the seat and then left. There were probably 8 boats moored along there. Mind you the weather is not so good now.

    1. Hi Brian and Diana . That's good to hear ,hopefully at last something has been done as apparently according to the local press problems have been occurring for sometime. Enjoy the Avon , We really loved it ...