Monday, 20 July 2015

Brum bound


IMG_2947We puled pins from below Tardebigge top lock and headed off towards Birmingham. We soon passed this sunken boat below the M42 bridge .With only inches to spare we just squeezed through.

IMG_2954Such a shame . It had a Beta engine and it looked like it had been burnt out .

IMG_2966Entering the 2726 yards of Wast hill tunnel on the Worcester and Birmingham canal. And yes it was wet  !!!

IMG_2976Guess we are getting near to a city. I did say to Carolyn were do these Scroates get all their money from to buy the spray paint . She was probably right with her reply that “The thieving gits just nick it”.

IMG_2977We had intended to spend a day at Bourneville and the home to Cadbury, But unfortunately all the moorings were full. The guide book tells you not to moor on the towpath side because of thieves working the area . There is a secure gated area on the offside which was full of boats……

IMG_2982We passed this boat which was moored outside of Birmingham university . I think i am going to have to look at converting Inca to Hydrogen !!!!

IMG_3006How lucky are we ? . Brindley place is supposed to be one of the best moorings in Birmingham. We did stop in Gas street next to a night club and then walked up to Brindley place to see if any moorings were available.  We were glad we did as it is so quiet here and you would never think you are in the middle of Britain's 2nd largest city.

                                                                                      Happy Days


  1. Abbie said did that burnt out boat sink she has just beenl looking at the blog with me. We are waiting to see some photos of your cousins & families.

    1. When we meet them we will put up the pictures ....

  2. Gosh that boat has been around since early April. Back then it was still afloat and moored up near the new fishing lake. There was a chap on board with a dust pan and brush, not making much difference to the burnt out shell. We'd wondered if it had been on the permanent moorings there, caught fire and been pushed off by someone as there was a piling hook on the melted satellite dish.
    Happy Floating
    Pip and Mick NB Lillyanne

    1. Hi Pip and Mick , It's always a sad sight to see a boat sunk and it looks like at one time it was a lovely looking boat ...