Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Bye bye Stratford


IMG_2445Its time to leave Stratford upon Avon and we have to wind (turn) to get in to the lock . This was relatively easy as there was a good flow on the river . Carolyn pushed the bow out while I held the stern in and we just let the river do all the work.

IMG_2453Into Holy Trinity Lock and all of that metal above is used to strengthen the sides of the lock.

IMG_2456Looking back towards Stratford upon Avon and saying goodbye as we head down river after a very enjoyable week.

IMG_2475There are some big Toadstools around here.

IMG_2481Although the river doesn't seem to be running very fast you can see how much water there is when you look at how much is going over the weirs.

IMG_2485I bet it takes him a while to mow his lawn.

IMG_2498Just like on the river Thames there are some rather expensive looking houses on the Avon.

IMG_2500Luckily we are dropping down the locks ,but boats going up need to take great care as the locks can be very fierce.

IMG_2518We picked up this mooring at Bidford Grange lock and its the first time we have ever moored against poles like this.

IMG_2521You put your mooring ropes through the loop and the idea is that if the river goes into flood your boat just rides up the poles and remains relatively safe, and also when the level drops again your boat does not end up on the concrete edge and should just drop back down safely. Luckily there is no rain forecast for tonight.

                                                                                       Happy Days


  1. Making me very envious! A picturesque river to Tewkesbury. Nice pic's as ever.


    1. Hi Ade , Loving every minute of the the Avon . One of the best rivers we have been on . Most enjoyable ....

  2. Yes it all looks lovely. Wgat a nice looking house in the pictures x