Friday, 3 July 2015

Stratford upon Avon


IMG_2062How lucky are we?  . With the basin nearly full we just managed to grab this 48 hour mooring in Bancroft basin.

IMG_2043Looking out of the back and over towards The RSC Theatre.

IMG_2046Moored opposite to us is this ice cream boat , I'm sure that William Shakespeare enjoyed a Mr Whippy ice cream ….Do you look for ICE CREAMS and TREATS here you RUDE RASCALS? Henry VIII 5.4.9-10 (ish)

IMG_2085Having an evening stroll around Stratford and we came across this lot.  You cant beat a good old evening of Morris dancing.

IMG_2089and a walk around the town.. How lucky is Carolyn to get all this free entertainment. Shame about the shops being closed. But no doubt she will give them a good going over in the morning.

IMG_2118We were going to go and have a look around the Shakespeare centre, but at £15.90 each we thought better of it.

IMG_2120I bet this place does a roaring trade in July. Its a Christmas shop .

IMG_2072After an evening walk around the town and the temperature still at 30 deg C there's nothing better to do than chill out with a glass or 3 of the red stuff and watch the world pass by in the centre of Stratford On Avon.

                                                                                          Happy Days


  1. We thought the same about the Shakespeare Centre! But did really like wondering around Stratford On Avon, lovely walks along the canal and nice town and we did go in the Christmas Shop but then it was November when we were there.

    1. So far loving Stratford , what a great place to spend a few days ....

  2. Liked the blog, Glad to see Carolyn had some shops to go to. See you are going with the trend the bit of fluff on the face very nice . x

    1. Carolyn loving the shops , the fluff has now gone bloody hot !!!!

  3. Hi Gary & Carolyn,
    Good post showing off the town rather nicely in the sun. I was there about 1976 on a narrowboat at 12 years old with mum and dad and my brother our 1st hire boat holiday. Enjoyment of the waterways has remained to this day.

    1. Hi Ade, great place and I'm sure we will be back again sometime. It seems they have done a lot of work around Bancroft basin and although it's busy they are good moorings....