Sunday, 12 July 2015

Carry on down the Avon !!!


IMG_2640After a bad night at Evesham we pulled pins at 07.00 and headed under Abbey bridge watching all the rush hour traffic on their way to work.

IMG_2647This is Hampton ferry where the ferry boat is pulled over by a rope. When approaching the ferry you have to sound your horn 3 times to let him know you are approaching and then he will submerge the rope allowing you to pass.

IMG_2649One for the lads and Ladies at SWW, Evesham STW outlet . It looked like suspended solids where about 8 and it had a BOD of 9 and Ammonia of 0…Guess it passed its consent…….But what would I Know !!!!!!

IMG_2650That's a good job then.

IMG_2664Many of the cills/sills have 2 . So just be careful when locking down .

IMG_2707I think this house would be perfect for us. Modern ,and just built with a mooring outside for Inca.

IMG_2708What ?????

IMG_2717A diamond shape lock and the only one on the river Avon .Apparently it was thought that it would be stronger if it was constructed in this way.

IMG_2721What a result. We turned up at this lock to find that someone had left their windlass behind. Another one for the collection.

IMG_2723Its amazing how many boats Betty is on.

IMG_2734After a great day of cruising we picked up this delightful rural mooring Comberton Quay. I soon got out the fishing rod and had a good bag of small Roach. Tomorrow when we pull pins we will head towards Tewkesbury and have a day there before dropping down onto the river Severn.

                                                                                     Happy Days

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  1. loved the mooring that you got at the quay also you could do with a nice house like that then we could come and stay that would be