Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Tewkesbury Bound !!


IMG_2738After a brilliant night at Comberton Quay we pulled pins at 09.55 and headed towards Tewkesbury , passing the Cotswolds on the way.

IMG_2751We have driven over that bridge on the M5 near Tewkesbury so many times in the past . We used to just dream about passing beneath it on our own boat. What a good feeling it was today to pass and look at all of those vehicles passing above.

IMG_2756As soon as we moored in Tewkesbury we left Inca and headed towards the Abbey.

IMG_2764Wow, How amazing is this.

IMG_2765Apart from being free which we always love they allowed dogs in. As we don't normally leave Hamish on the boat for very long periods we end up with one of us sitting outside anywhere we visit with him, while the other one of goes in to look around. This is a beautiful building and is well worth a visit.

IMG_2769Walking through the town and you can see all the medieval flags that fly above the shops during the summer months.

IMG_2771This is our mooring just before the lock that drops you down from the river Avon to the river Severn. With the lock opening at 08.00 we plan to be first in line to drop down onto the river. There is a slight difference of opinion on what direction we will take when we get on the Severn .With me wanting to go down to Gloucester and Carolyn who doesn't like the Severn after our journey up it 2 years ago wanting to dash up to Worcester and then back onto the canals…….. Lets see who gets their wish !!!!

                                                                                                      Happy Days


  1. Hi Carolyn Gary,
    Lovely pic's as usual, I to have done the dreaming on that bridge on the M5 ! I don't remember ever going in the Abbey now I know I must. When we did the Severn and Avon 1976 ish the Healings Mill was still trading and using Severn Barges to haul grain to the big mill between the Severn Avon I expect it's apartments now! My vote is Gloucester :)


  2. Hi Ade , My vote would have been Gloucester , but ...... I'm just the cabin boy who thinks he's the captain!!!!