Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Dinkum ?


IMG_3198After a bit of a slow start to the day we pulled pins from the Nature reserve at Curdworth bottom lock at 09.15. We soon arrived at Fazeley junction and if you are into knitting this is the place for you …Wool and even more wool ,even on a boat.

IMG_3200The birds at Fazeley junction.

IMG_3202What a great boat name .I haven't got a clue what it means but no doubt our friends from down under Bob and Bron on NB Celtic Maid can tell us.

IMG_3203No its not a Yot ..   its a Narrowboat !!!!

IMG_3205After we did a big shop at Tamworth and filling the cupboards we pressed on and passed through Hopwas. There are some bank repairs going on near the firing range. As you can see instead of putting Armco in they are using wooden stakes and a membrane. They then back fill with soil and the idea is that the plants grow back forming a natural bank.

IMG_3215After mooring just above Hopwas near Tamhorn Farm a Narrowboat passed us on Tick over only to be followed by a Canal & River Trust work boat at full speed . After passing us he forced the Narrowboat into the bank and overtook him in a most aggressive manner. I just hope the Narrowboat owner reported this incident to the Trust. Most of the Trusts employees we come across are brilliant, but like in all walks of life you do get the odd idiot…

IMG_3217Not long after mooring a boat pulled up beside us and it was our friend Chris on his new boat Bosley. Wow what a lovely boat .We only had time for a quick chat as Chris was on his way to Tamworth . But it was good to meet up again and we will catch up again soon.

                                                                                                      Happy Days


  1. Lovely picture of you two and Bosley, lol. It was real good to see you two recent and to see you both so well. Stay safe, lots love, best regards. Chris.

    1. Thanks for that Chris....We will meet up again soon ..Look after yourself and be good !!!!!