Thursday, 16 July 2015

Up the Severn


IMG_2782We left Tewkesbury as soon as the lock opened at 08.00 and headed towards the main river.

IMG_2784Well , Carolyn got her wish and we turned right on the Severn and soon reached Mythe Bridge .The bridge was built by Thomas Telford in 1825 and as you can see its one good looking bridge.

IMG_2786One of the last commercial businesses on the Severn is this fleet of barges that carry aggregate just a couple of miles from one wharf to another. They are named Elver, Perch .Chubb and Pike.

IMG_2802We would have stopped at Upton Upon Severn on the way up but as usual the moorings were full with boats double moored on the pontoon.

We arrived at Diglis lock and phoned the lockkeeper to let him know we needed passage up through the lock.

IMG_2803Diglis lock is a fairly big lock and after entering you have to secure your boat fore and aft using the steel wire.You have to pass your rope behind the wire and then control your boat as the level in the lock rises.

IMG_2815Carolyn on the Bow and in full control as we go up in the lock.

IMG_2821Out of Diglis lock and with Worcester cathedral in the distance we head towards the moorings where we hope there is enough space for us .

IMG_2829After passing the miserable Ferryman we pass under Worcester Bridge.

IMG_2838We managed to pick up a mooring next to Worcester Racecourse , You can see Inca on the right . The Racecourse is open all the time and you can walk around it which is great for Hamish.

IMG_2842With the sprinklers at Worcester Racecourse on it looks like the going could be good to soft.

With Carolyn desperate to get back on the canals we will have a night here and then head up through Bevere lock and then go up onto the Droitwich canal. Its one of the latest canals to be restored ,so it should be interesting to see what the restoration has turned out like.

                                                                                                 Happy Days


  1. very nice as usual lovely pictures x

  2. The Droitwich Canal is fabulous, plenty of wild-flowers.
    There is a small FREE secure marina for visiting boaters, have fun in the town.
    nb Oakfield

    1. Looking forward to it . Should be fun !!!!