Wednesday, 29 July 2015



After a wet day moored above Hopwas we puled pins at 08.15 and headed towards Fradley junction .

IMG_3223We passed this boat on the way.I guess these owners like turtles .The Loggerhead sea turtle (Caretta caretta).

IMG_3228Passing Streethay Wharf and am I glad we had the hull of Inca Metalized last year. I dread to think what this welding job is costing.

IMG_3230At Fradley junction we met up with Jack and Tina on NB Sandoy. As you can see there is a bit of a similarity with Inca. We passed them last year on the Llangollen but didn't get the chance to have a talk.

IMG_3232In fact they were both fitted out by Sabre Narrowboats. Sandoy was the 50th boat they produced with Inca being the 51st. There were only a few boats made after that as the company ceased trading. We all went on each others boats and were amazed at the similarities. There were a few differences ,but both boats have the same quality that Sabre was renowned for.

IMG_3250It was good to talk to Jack and Tina and compare our boats. Hope to meet up with you both again sometime in the future..

IMG_3253Reaching Alrewas (pronounced Ol-ree-wuss) and we were lucky enough to pick up one of our favourite moorings outside of the bowling club. Tomorrow we have a very special package being delivered from Devon…and her name is Curly

                                                                                           Happy Days

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