Sunday, 26 July 2015


IMG_3176We pulled pins from Curdworth at 07.45 with the intention of doing all of the 11 locks which make up the Curdworth flight and then try and moor below the bottom lock which is located next to a nature reserve. This is Curdworth tunnel and it should be renamed Spider tunnel as I have never seen so many Spider webs before. The roof was just covered in them.

IMG_3180With all of the locks against us and the odd fallen tree we made good time.

IMG_3181After passing Aston Villas (Who ever they are) training ground we reached Curdworth bottom lock. It took us just over 3 hours which was a very short but enjoyable cruise for us.

IMG_3186We picked up this mooring just below the lock and had an early lunch before setting off to have a look around the Nature reserve.

IMG_3190Twitching….. We spent some time in this Viewing Hide watching all of the activity on the lake. It was good just to sit back and chill in a wooden hut for an hour or so…..You cant beat a good Twitch !!

IMG_3192I managed to take a picture of this Heron just as he took off from a tree opposite.

After a night here we have a few lock free days ,so Carolyn will be relieved to hear that. With number one Granddaughter coming up next week for her summer holidays we need to do a big shop . With a Sainsbury near to the moorings past Tamworth we plan to stop there tomorrow and then move on and pick up a mooring somewhere past Hopwas.

                                                                                                 Happy Days


  1. hi granddad I really enjoyed your blog I like the heron picture it has got lots of movement in it Abbie did all the first part of this on her own. good blog , c u