Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Stratford upon Avon River Festival


IMG_2279This has to be seen to be believed. It would appear that the festival organisers don't want geese on the river during the festival . So every day this boat chased them down towards the weir with a lady in the bow holding up a stuffed dog to frighten them. Eventually when reaching the weir they all went over and down the other side.But over the following few hours they all came back up again . Still it was good fun to watch.

IMG_2289Filming outside of Inca and in front of Holy Trinity Church.

IMG_2132Time out from the festival and a few drinks with good friends Bob and Jan on Nb Small Dreams on their mooring in Bancroft basin..

IMG_2316As you can see by the people crossing the bridge it was very busy with over 50,000 people expected . You can see the river was so busy that there were one or two small collisions.

IMG_2315Carolyn and Jan (nb Small Dreams) soaking up the Festival atmosphere.

IMG_2333About 100 yards from Inca they set up the firework display.

IMG_2383And what a display it was . One of the best we have seen for a long time.

IMG_2415At the festival on Sunday we were treated to a performance by the Stratford to Stratford theatre company. We had spoken to a few of the performers a couple of days ago and they explained to us that they had come from Stratford in London to Stratford upon Avon in a narrowboat and had learnt A midsummer nights dream on the way up. We promised them that we would come and watch them and we were glad that we did. Their performance was brilliant with some great acting. A most enjoyable experience.

IMG_2426Music time at the bandstand with some very good performances (we even had a little dance) . They also had an Acoustic stage as well… There was so much going on at the festival and it was such a change for us to do something like this , but we absolutely loved it.

IMG_2419As well as music there was dancing. Some was good and some was not !!!!

IMG_2434I would have loved to get my hands on one of these,but they wouldn't let me have a go. Although they did put on a couple of displays on the river which was fun as they kept getting hit by other boats.

IMG_2443We ended the last day of the festival with good old Fish and Chips. We have been a bit spoilt with all the food here and have had some lovely Spit roast Pork, Thai food ,Pizza’s, Wraps and Burgers, Oh! and a large small amount of alcohol… Time for a diet me thinks…

                                                                             Happy Days


  1. Really loved this blog. so nice to see some lovely smiling faces fromboth of you .It looks to me that you have bought yourself a selfie. the festival looked great I would have enjoyed that x

    1. No selfie stick ,just a long arm ........

  2. Hi Gary & Carolyn,
    What a cracking post, I'm soaking up the atmosphere just reading it.
    Smiles and summer you sold the festival to me.

    1. Hi Ade , A great festival and well worth a visit if you get the chance...Gary & Carolyn