Friday, 27 November 2015

Leaving London


IMG_0809We pulled pins (untied from the cleats) at 07.10 from Paddington basin and with the services empty at little Venice we decided to make the most of it and fill with water and dump the waste. Being early in the morning the water pressure seemed to be fairly good ,although I know it can be very slow at times with boats taking hours to fill up their tanks.

IMG_0813It was then on with our 6 hour cruise to Cowley lock and trying to avoid the odd sofa and various other objects that mysteriously end up in the canal.

IMG_0824I'm not sure if this will ever catch on with other boaters ,but you have to give them credit for their design of fender .

IMG_0827Leaving London and this is just about the best view we get of Wembley stadium.

IMG_0840What a stupid name  ……………………………….  for a boat !    (my Mum is called Joan)

IMG_0849Someone has dragged this mini moto thing out of the canal .We sometimes have a lot of trouble with kids speeding up and down the towpath on them . Not sure if someone was riding it as it went in the canal ,but if they were lets just hope the little sod person got a good soaking.

IMG_0851We see a lot more of these on our travels. Has to be one of the safest boats to be on.

It was slow going coming out of London as it was going in mainly due to the amount of boats moored on the Paddington arm .When we came here last year there were very few boats moored on the arm until we got to Kensal cemetery , but now you are on tick over passing boats for mile after mile.

After a good cruise we moored above Cowley lock on the same mooring we used a couple of weeks ago. We will now start cruising North , but we will be stuck South of Whilton and the Buckby flight until it reopens on Dec 20th after the winter stoppage there for maintenance.

                                                                                                  Happy Days

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  1. Well fancy seeing a boat called Joan not very exciting name. Hm. nice pictures. x