Thursday, 19 November 2015

Longer in London


IMG_0600After nearly a week in London we are certainly enjoying our time here at Rembrandt gardens in little Venice.

IMG_0654The gardens where we are moored aren't that big but big enough for Hamish to have a good walk around.

IMG_0630This is something that I think is a good idea in a city. Its called a Green wall and this is how it starts off. Its basically steel shelves that are filled with soil and then planted up.

IMG_0634After a year or two the wall develops into this. It has to be a lot better than looking at a large piece of concrete wall.

IMG_0649Another good boat name.

IMG_0655With only a day left on our seven day mooring at Rembrandt gardens Carolyn announced that she hadn't yet visited every shop in London and needed more time here. So with a boat just leaving Paddington basin we she decided that we should move into the basin and get some extra time in the capital.

IMG_0659So here we are in Paddington Basin. We can stay here for 14 days if we want to , but I cant see that happening. Mind you how long does it take to visit every shop in London ???

                                                                                                                    Happy Days


  1. It seems so great that you can take narrowboats right into the heart of London, (or any city which has a canal running through) moor them up, and look around to your heart's content!
    Robin and Jenny, Romany Rambler

    1. The good thing as well is that it's free to moor here...Mind you everything here is a lot more expensive.

  2. Every shop in London. You better plant ivy on Inca, like the wall, and hope the mooring police don't see you until she is done. Carolyn, "Shop 'til You Drop."
    Aloha, Amos

    1. Camouflage , great idea Amos......

    2. Camouflage , great idea Amos......