Sunday, 8 November 2015

Noisy neighbours


IMG_0379At 08.40 and after a very noisy night next to the railway line we head off down through Fishery lock and towards Hemel Hempstead. Yet again as we head downhill towards London every lock is against us which makes the going a bit slow.

IMG_0377We passed this sign on a boat and thought it was very good . Carolyn said “we should get one with miserable old git on board please slow down”.

IMG_0390Going under the very busy M25 as we get closer to London.

IMG_0395Carolyn walking Hamish and going over the cross over bridge below Lady Capel’s lock.

IMG_0406Wow ! . How's that for solar panels . 16 panels and it looked like they were 200 watts per panel. If only we could get them on the roof of Inca ,we could then have the Telly on all day. (maybe not).

IMG_0398Exactly what we said when we embarked on our life afloat.

IMG_0411The view from our mooring at Cassiobury park. Although it looks like a very peaceful country setting it is in fact very busy with a lot of foot traffic. The town of Watford is only a 15 minute walk away through the park.

IMG_0409The other thing that spoils the peace is the noisy little blighters that we have for neighbours .They fly around in small flocks and make one almighty din. We originally thought they were Parrots, but it turns out they are Parakeets. Apparently there is one flock in London that contains 6,000 birds and its thought the total number of Parakeets in the South East of England is over 50,000 birds. Lets hope they make less noise when it gets dark.

                                                                                                     Happy Days


  1. Hi Gary and Carolyn, David and I also thought it's now or never when we decided to buy a boat and cruise for 5 months a year - life's too short not to get on with the things that light you up, eh?
    And watch TV all day - wouldn't work, mate - you move too fast and too far to do that!
    Cheers, Martlyn

    1. Hi Marilyn and David .. You are spot on . We said we would start to slow down ,but now find our way down to London and a week living in the capital ... Ps Love the plansts in a your Garden and look forward to seeing your drive once its planted up !!!

  2. love the Autumn colours.. You seem to do quite well with your few solars panls that you have there looked to be a lot on that boat, Will be thinking about you Carolyn going into the big city .,

  3. Looking forward to London , not sure how much I will see of Carolyn as I'm sure she will be off and in her element ...Shops shops and more shops !!!