Saturday, 21 November 2015

Fame at last (maybe)


IMG_0591This looks interesting . Filming in and around Paddington basin

IMG_0682After seeing a few more of those signs about we came across this lot in Praed street. I soon got my camera out and started taking pictures . It was then that a rather large and ugly looking security guard told me that they are filming a blockbuster movie and I wasn't allowed to take pictures.I explained to him that we were in a public place and if I want to take pictures I would. He then gave me a filthy look and walked away as I carried on snapping. Anyway, the guy with the long grey hair in the picture above is the English film director Paul Greengrass.

IMG_0678Here he is again ,but do you recognise the guy stood next to him.

IMG_0685Its American film star Matt Damon. He is over here filming a new Bourne movie which will be the fifth in the series. Looks like he has had a bit of an accident with all that blood on his face.

IMG_0686We stayed and watched for a couple of hours in which time there was an awful lot of standing around and nothing happening. In this scene Matt Damon was bundled out of a parked Range Rover and then into a van, the van then sped off down the street . Me and Carolyn were stood on the other side of the street and as the van went by the camera panned around past us .Maybe we will get a millisecond of fame. Or more likely we will end up on the cutting room floor.

IMG_0703They also had this camera car speeding through the streets with Police Motorcyclists .

IMG_0711The following day after a walk out we came back to find a film crew had set up opposite our mooring.

IMG_0712In this scene Matt Damon ran out from the left and then down along the side of Paddington basin. Hopefully Inca will be famous now as he ran past the front of our mooring with the camera crew opposite filming it.

IMG_0709This is probably the closest we will ever get to a big movie star as Matt Damon prepares for the next scene next to our mooring. We were going to ask him aboard Inca for a Devon cream tea ,but he looked far to busy. Anyway, it was all very interesting to watch the action taking place next to us and good to see how a big movie is made.

                                                                                               Happy Days


  1. Wow now that was a good Blog now we will have to go and see that film sometime next year x

  2. Oh how exciting - we will look out for the film! Jennie and Chris