Saturday, 14 November 2015

London Bound


A few weeks ago I contacted the company that was dealing with the reservations for the Rembrandt Gardens moorings in Little Venice ,London. There are 2 moorings on the end of the gardens so if you are lucky enough to get one you are guaranteed a mooring in the capital. I never expected to be offered one and when the reply came back that we had been given a week we were both well pleased.

The decision was made that the night before we went into London we would moor above Cowley lock and then have an early start ,fill with water and get rid of waste at the lock and then make the near six hour journey into London.

IMG_0519After pulling pins at 07.10 and then filling with water we eventually dropped down Cowley lock at 07.40. Its then not far before we turn off the Grand Union canal at Bulls bridge and onto the the Paddington arm of the canal and a straight lock free run into London.

IMG_0531Passing Greenford water point and just for a change there is room to get on the point. Although C&RT do make it difficult as the moorings start right next to the tap.

IMG_0534That's a different looking tender.



IMG_0542This has to be one of the most bizarre boats we have ever seen. The whole boat has been fibre glassed over although I'm not sure what is under that.

IMG_0537These flats were still being built the last time we passed here. There is a lot of building work going on all over London so the economy cant be that bad.

IMG_0544Its always good when you cross over the North Circular and watch all the vehicles speeding along below.

IMG_0553Another odd boat. It looks like it could have been some sort of lifeboat. I like the box to stand on so the steerer can see where he is going.

IMG_0555This boat was full of all sorts of bits and bobs. Its called DILLIGAF which stands for   Does It Look Like I Give A ?  and I've forgotten what the last word is .

IMG_0558I didn't know they made boats as well as houses.

IMG_0569After nearly 6 hours of cruising we finally arrive at Little Venice.

IMG_0583The running of the Rembrandt Garden moorings has now been taken over by Canal and River Trust. I'm not sure how it worked before ,but we got a message just after 12.00 from them to say the mooring was empty and ready for us to use.They even told us the name of the other boat on the mooring next to us.

With the mooring being on a bit of a curve we had to leave the arse stern end sticking out to get the bow in . All settled in and Carolyn is itching to hit the shops. I guess I wont be seeing much of her for a day or three.

                                                                                                               Happy Days


  1. Abbie & me have just been looking at this blog we have had a good laugh at all the different boats.Abbie noticed that you crossed out a word and put in stern very observant (spelling) xx

  2. What does the Rembrandt Garden moorings cost?

    1. It's free to moor at the gardens ..Not bad for London !!!

  3. I'm soooooo jealous!

    1. It's a great place to visit for a week or two ....but not sure that we could live here