Monday, 16 November 2015

Settling in


IMG_0608We have now had a couple of days in London and surprise surprise I haven't seen a lot of Carolyn . Still its given me a bit of time to catch up with a few little jobs on Inca. Shopping just isn't one of things I enjoy so I just let her Ladyship get on with it.

IMG_0616We decided to go up to the weekly food market in Merchant Square and get something for lunch .While we were there we bumped into fellow bloggers Ray and Diane from Nb Ferndale. Sorry we missed you, we have knocked a couple of times as we have passed by, but after reading your blog I see that you are busy out and about enjoying London, hopefully we will catch up again soon.

IMG_0617Guess what I had for lunch ???.

IMG_0619I dared Carolyn to run through the water but she wouldn't do it.

IMG_0647But I did and got a little bit wet, and as you can see I got stuck in the middle.

IMG_0626I was forced invited to have a look around the shops in Edgware road by Carolyn. Apparently unbeknown to me I soon started moaning and Carolyn said its the last time she ever takes me shopping (Good result there then). At the end of the road is Oxford street where I think Carolyn wanted to go , But with aching feet after all that trudging around I just wasn't up to it. Never mind she went by herself in the end and thoroughly enjoyed it.

                                                                                                   Happy Days

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  1. Abbie is going to have a good laugh Gary when she sees you getting wet. Wish I was with you Carolyn going down Oxford Street. ( don't spend too much money0