Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Under attack


IMG_0303We are still in Berkhamsted which is known locally as Berko. It looks a peaceful setting ,but at the weekends it certainly gets busy with foot traffic on this stretch of towpath. Saturday night being Halloween and the park opposite was full of young  teenagers in the evening . All was fine until they started letting off Fireworks , it would of been OK but then we came under attack when they started firing rockets and air bombs at the boats moored on the towpath. The boat behind us called the Police who were soon on the scene. But what really shocked me was the bad  language being used by the kids towards the Police officers . Years ago when I was a youngster if you spoke to a copper like that you would have been in big big trouble. We then had more trouble later in the evening with older teenagers which meant another visit from the Boys in blue. There was even a disturbance in Waitrose car park at 04.00 the following morning. It seems that Halloween has now developed into one big drunken party night for some people.

IMG_0268A Cormorant or is it a Shag drying his wings after a very successful fishing session.

IMG_0282I managed to get this picture last week . You can even make out the craters on the top right-hand side.

IMG_0300Carolyn at the water point which is currently out of action . It would appear that an Idiot boater tied his front rope around the stand that the tap sits on and pulled it out of the ground. These workers really get around as they said to Carolyn that they were working in Manchester 180 miles away the day before.

IMG_0301Wait for me, With all the shops in Berko Curly is getting even more training from Carolyn in the art of retail therapy and I soon get left behind. I've learnt my lesson now and just let them go off by themselves and get on with it.

                                                                                                      Happy Days


  1. Neat moon photo, Gary, and strange to see Berko so empty - when we were there in June it was chocka! We had to moor just before the lock moorings - and to fit in we had to ask a guy to move back a few feet!
    Cheers, Marilyn

    1. A few days before Berko was full of boats with no moorings. But it seems that most of the boats are going up to Milton Keynes ,where it's now getting so busy...