Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Covent Garden


With Hamish having had a long walk we decided to take the Number 23 bus from Paddington to Covent Garden . Its somewhere that neither of us has ever been to. With not wanting to leave Hamish for more than a few hours we have to pack as much in to the short time as possible.

IMG_0791The Christmas tree in Covent garden is rather large and makes Carolyn look rather small…

IMG_0793Its not often that you get anything for free in London , but they were handing out tubs of these new chocolate Brownies … Yes they taste very good.

IMG_0795I think he should be pulling it not stood on it.

IMG_0798 After Covent garden it was then a short walk to Trafalgar square.    Ha Ha … We know how they do it. Its called Levitation !!! (Or maybe its the steel poles that run up his arm and support the seat that he is sat on)

IMG_0799There seems to be a lot more of these artist here than there ever used to be and It didn't look like they were making very much money.

IMG_0800There's plenty going on in Trafalgar square and there's always time for a selfie.

IMG_0804Even more filming in London .According to some people stood next to us these are very famous Bollywood actors filming an Indian Blockbuster movie.

IMG_0806This statue of a winged archer poised with his bow is known as The Statue of Eros and he is found in Piccadilly circus. Eros was the God of Love. The statue might really be the Angel of Christian Charity, or Anteros, the brother of Eros, but Londoners call him Eros.

IMG_0807Wow ,that's a big TV.

It was then back to Inca and Hamish who was barking his head off and in fact he didn't have much of a bark left . Tomorrow after nearly 2 weeks in London we will leave Paddington basin early and make the 6 hour cruise back to Cowley lock. As always we have enjoyed ourselves here, especially as Carolyn is in her element with the thousands of shops the capital has to visit. (and buy things in)……

                                                                                                     Happy Days


  1. Loved all the photos .You both looked as though you enjoyed your day x

    1. Yes it was very good ..Had a great time !!!