Friday, 20 November 2015

Out and about


IMG_0739Our mooring in Paddington Basin, London is FREE . My favourite word , But if you look at the buildings in front of our moorings there is currently one of the flats up for sale at £5.5 million ,We need to keep doing the lottery…

IMG_0740Being in London you just have to get out and about. A couple of years ago we got Oyster cards to enable us to travel by Bus or tube through out London . Although the tube is a lot quicker we prefer to travel by Bus as you can see all the sights and what's going on. With Hamish left on the boat we try not to leave him for more than a few hours so we need to pack in as much as possible.

IMG_0743Passing Marble Arch.

IMG_0744Oxford Street and all the decorations are already up, Carolyn promised me that we wouldn't go in any shops , but I know she is desperate to get inside them..

IMG_0749The entrance to Horse Guards Parade. The Horses are so well behaved to just stand there with tourists taking pictures and milling around them.

IMG_0750Then its down to Downing Street and unfortunately my mate Dave wasn't at home. But there was plenty of security there.

IMG_0757Me and Big Ben.

IMG_0764We then made our way to Westminster Abbey with the intention of going in and having a look around . We then saw the admission price ..£20 each. So £40 quid for the two of us to look around a bit of British history..Being as Thrifty as I am there was no way I was paying out that sort of money. They are having a laugh, we were so disappointed !!!!

IMG_0773Well its sort of a boat. But after one caught fire and all the passengers had to jump into the Thames I think we will give it a miss.

IMG_0775This is my all time hero and the greatest English man of all time.

After a few hours and with busy traffic through London we jump on the Number 23 bus and head back towards Paddington. No doubt there will be a few more days out.

                                                                                             Happy Days


  1. loved this blog. And I just loved seeing all the sights one of my favourite places, Now you need to do The Shard & The London Eye .x

  2. Lovely to see you being a tourist, Gary, and I am amazed at Carolyn's strength in staying out of the shops ... I think there is a part of Westminster Abbey that you can go into for free - the gardens and some of the cloisters, I think - when I worked at DfES I used to go and sit in the gardens to eat my lunch.
    Our favourite restaurant when we lived in London was La Perla in Maiden Lane, just behind The Strand (off Bedford St) - give it a try when you go to Covent Garden on your next exploration. The food is great and I used to have their vegetarian fajitas and the house white - they do a red too ... Mx

    1. Hi Marilyn.. We are trying to find things to do that are free or very cheap. The other problem we have is leaving Hamish alone for too long. We did go in the small church next to Westminster Abbey . Ps Woke up to 1 deg C here today...What's it like where you are ? Hot I expect ...

  3. Having a catch up after a week away with no internet! I went on one of those Ducks a few years ago with my granddaughter and her Mum. It was before the fire!! When we did the tidal Thames from Limehouse to Brentford in the summer we passed the very Duck we had travelled on! We will come back to London one day, but I know what you mean about limited time and leaving a dog on the boat.

    1. A week with no internet ??? How did you manage , I think we would struggle big time.. We did enjoy London and a couple of weeks was enough in one go .. Probably be back next year or the year after .