Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Windy Millers


IMG_7070With very high winds Curly is having problems standing up.

IMG_7060Looking at the Barometer and listening to the weather forecast its going to get a lot worse.

IMG_7097We pulled pins at 09.00 after Curly eventually got up and with a break in the wind headed towards Soulbury 3 locks and arrived just after 09.30. You may remember that when we came up the locks a few days ago the gates and paddles had been left open . Well the same thing has happened again only this time there is a Volunteer lock keeper on site to sort it out. He had been on site since 08.00 but he didn't have a windlass , so couldn't drop the paddles. We had to lend him one of ours so he could drop the paddles. As we got to the bottom lock another Volunteer lock keeper turned up and guess what ? He didn't have a windlass either. It was all a bit Bizarre really as its the main tool of the job and without it you are unable to do much to help anyone through the locks. Anyway, I suppose it is the start of the silly season !!.

IMG_7099Who needs lock keepers anyway when you have this pair of Narrowboat girls.

IMG_7105Curly is now starting her training on steering Inca and travelling through locks. (Remember that cill behind you Curly !!)

IMG_7114At least the fly tippers in this area are tidy…..Even so i would still lock the buggers up for 6 months.

IMG_7119How typical is this. We are now into Spring and running down our stocks of wood and coal when we come across this lot. It really broke my Heart to leave it.

IMG_7122“That's my real name Granddad”, said Curly.

With Carolyn and Curly planning a shopping trip in to Bletchley i think i will sit it out on Inca for a few hours of peace and quiet.

                                                                                             Happy Days

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  1. Rwally enjoyed this blog, Some lovely pictures of Abbie I thought that we had seen that boat with Abbies name on before.Nice to see Carolyn had a bit of help for once. It certainly looked cold there. xx