Saturday, 4 April 2015



IMG_7147After a couple of days moored at Giffard Park and a couple of takeaways from the local Chinese it was time to move again. We pulled pins at 09.30 and got straight onto the water point which is one of the slowest on the network, But with a couple of loads of washing to do while we travelled we needed to fill up our tank.

IMG_7148Another good boat name.

IMG_7168On Route to Wolverton we said a quick hello to fellow bloggers Les and Jaq on Nb Valerie as we passed them.It was good to meet them at last as we have followed and enjoyed their blog for many years. After arriving at Wolverton it was out with the shopping trolley and backpacks and off to Tesco for an Easter shop.

IMG_7171I was just wondering if anybody has ever used this service before and if it was any good, There seems to be hundreds of pick up points throughout the country. With more small local Post offices closing and some not doing the Poste Restante service it would be good to have a backup .

IMG_7175I'm not sure if this has a name but Curly calls this guy Trackman . Its a very clever work of art in the old railway town of Wolverton.

IMG_7180There is just no way we can cross the Iron Trunk Aqueduct at Cosgrove without stopping halfway across. Curly is more than happy to stand on the back and look over,but there is no way Carolyn is coming out to have a look.

IMG_7191Moored for the night at Cosgrove in the spot we normally use as it has the strongest Internet signal on this stretch. Carolyn and Curly have walked up to the shop that has just opened on the campsite after their Winter break. They are going to get some bait as Curly wants to do a bit of Fishing, so i guess that's my afternoon taken care of.

                                                                                                  Happy Days


  1. I use myhermes all the time for sending eBay parcels, with no problems at all. You can do everything on line and then just drop off at the nearest shop (you need a printer to print the label). I haven't used them for collections.

    1. Hi ,Thanks for the info It's good to know its a reliable service . Thanks Gary..

  2. enjoyed your blog. there seems to be a lot of boats at Cosgrove today. Yes we see Hermes pass here quite often