Monday, 6 April 2015



IMG_7184Its only a tiddler , but it is a monster fish for Curly . She spent a couple of hours trying to catch it and was over the moon when she finally landed it

IMG_7214After pulling pins at 09.10 at Cosgrove we soon passed the Navigation pub just outside of Cosgrove….What a transformation, there is some serious money being spent here.

IMG_7230After a short cruise we arrived at Grafton Regis. We put spring moorings on the Bow and Stern as there were so many boats on the move and we didn't want to be rocked around too much.

IMG_7237Another sign that Spring is now well and truly here.

IMG_7342And another sign of Spring …… Mint Sauce !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

IMG_7249Wow !!! Sunset over Grafton Regis. With good weather forecast we will spend a couple of days here and chill .We have never seen so many boats on the move, so Curly has decided that she is going to start a boat count to see how many boats pass us every day we are moored here at Grafton.

                                                                                                  Happy Days

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  1. Some lovely spring pictures. Been like that here today lovely & warm sat out in the sun xxx