Saturday, 11 April 2015

The Label


IMG_7403After a night at Dodford we pulled pins at 08.55 and headed towards Whilton and the Buckby flight of locks. We passed this chap with his little Westie Dog on the way and Curly wasn't sure what to make of him.

IMG_7410At the second lock from the bottom we had to wait for a boat to come down the lock. As you can see there's a lot of water coming over the lock as the boat enters the lock. We shared the flight with a hire boat and all was going well until the 5th lock up ,when one of their crew decided to open the gate paddle first before the ground paddle, which started filling the front of their boat with water.This could have had severe consequences as the water started going into the front of their boat, but after me Screaming asking him in a calm and relaxing voice to shut it as quickly as he could, a disaster was avoided.

IMG_7437After all the hard work of The Buckby flight and i must admit there are some heavy gates on the flight i was told that i had to take the girls out for Dinner at The New Inn. OOPS !!! Just told Carolyn that i had forgotten my wallet again

IMG_7446Thanks for taking that photo Curly. It seems that i left the price tag on my T-Shirt and Curly and Carolyn had great fun laughing at me with out telling me about the label. I wondered why i was getting funny looks from people in the Pub.

IMG_7448We pulled pins at 09.15 from Norton Junction and headed off on the grand Union towards Braunston.Picture above shows the new bridge being built at Norton Junction to replace the old rotten one where the canal heads towards Leicester.

I am now sat in Braunston waiting for Carolyn and Curly to come back from shopping up in the village. We will then head out towards Fox’s gate for a couple of days out in the country .

                                                                                               Happy Days

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