Friday, 17 April 2015

Devon Bound


After a year of not driving a car i thought it would take me a bit of time to get used to driving again, but surprise surprise as soon as i sat in the drivers seat of the hire car it just seemed so normal, and before long we were bombing down the motorway at 90 mph 70mph. With Hamish in a Dog hotel (Well that's what we told him it was) we have a busy few days back down in Devon. I haven't been back to Devon for a year so I'm sure we are going to have a very busy time ahead of us

IMG_7550As soon as we arrived back in Devon my number one Sister rang to say she had a BBQ on the go. So there was no chance of us missing that..

IMG_7559With Curly on camera duty she soon gets a photo of my number one Mum Marlene Joan and number one Sister Sharon.

IMG_7554Meanwhile Brother in law Philip was happily burning the food.

IMG_7562Thanks for taking this Photo Curly. Ok , so i might have had a glass or three of the red stuff

IMG_7573It was also good to meet and catch up with ex workmate and good friends Richard and Lin and have a very enjoyable lunch with them at their house in the sunny village of Rattery. Carolyn took a shine to their new Puppy Max, but there is no way that she is having one…

IMG_7570More good friends and a very enjoyable night out. I worked with Tony for many years before he retired over 11 years ago. It was great to catch up with him and and his wife Maureen. Tony taught me everything i know about being Thrifty and i owe a lot to him….

In total we had 12 different appointments between us which included Doctors ,Nurses, Dentists ,Eyes ,etc. etc. to fit into our short trip to Devon. We also had a Lovely meal with Carolyn’s Brother Michael and his wife Lorraine at their house in Totnes,and then a trip with Carolyn’s other brother Basil and his wife Jenny to Avon Mill near Kingsbridge. On our last night Niece Sally invited us to her house in sunny Paignton for a lovely Chinese takeaway which is one of my favourites. Carolyn then had a chance to catch up with her sister Janet who was over from her home in France before we headed back up North to Wigrams Marina.

After a very busy few days it was so good to get back to Narrowboat Inca. We picked up Hamish from his Dog Hotel and now have a couple of days in Wigrams marina before we start our 2015 cruise down The South Oxford canal then onto the Thames and finally to The Kennett and Avon canal.

                                                                                                                         Happy Days


  1. Lovely blog. it was great for us to have you both down here , xxxxxx

    1. I might be down again next year !!!!!!!

    2. August the 11th would be nice xxxxxxx

    3. August the 11th rings a bell !!!!!!!