Thursday, 2 April 2015



IMG_7126Leaving Fenny Stratford and passing the Sensient factory where they make flavourings for the food industry. Today the flavour in the air was fruit salad sweets..

IMG_71325 chiefs and no Indians in sight at Bridge 84…no wonder the job is dragging on

IMG_7133It only takes one idiot boater dumping this to make the rest of us look bad.

IMG_7135With some lovely big cracks in it I wonder if this bridge will be the one that closes the Grand Union at Milton Keynes during the next Winter stoppages.

IMG_7143Convoy !!! With over 5 thousand acres of parkland in Milton Keynes they don't mess around when it comes to grass cutting. With each machine being registered for the road they work as a team and race around all over the place.

IMG_7136One of the most common trees along the canal system is the Willow, and it is also one of the first trees to come into leaf. Willow loves damp and moist soil which unfortunately makes it not very good for burning with its very high moisture content. We have burnt willow that was a couple of years old ,but it still doesn't burn as well as other types of wood.

We are now moored at Giffard park and will stay here for the next couple of days. With a shop ,Chinese takeaway ,Fish and chips and a Pub and not forgetting a Play park for Curly all with in 100 yards I'm sure we will survive here ok.


                                                                                    Happy Days

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