Thursday, 23 April 2015

Mini Marina


IMG_7625After mooring just below engineers lock on the Napton flight we met up with our good friends Keith and Ann on Nb Oakfield. We were invited aboard for drinks and had a good catch up on what had happened since we last met. Monday morning and Keith kindly helped us up through the lock and on our way to the summit of the South Oxford canal.

IMG_7635The top lock of The Napton flight at Marston Doles and Carolyn is getting back into the swing of locking.

IMG_7637There is always a good variety of classic cars at the house next to the top lock.

IMG_7641This is one way of not paying for your Canal and River Trust License fee.

IMG_7649The farmer who apparently doesn't give a toss what he does has dug out a ditch from the canal and put a Narrowboat into this field, he has then reinstated the canal bank and left the boat in its own self contained mini marina..

IMG_7654Damage has been done to the canal bank, So it will now be interesting to see what action Canal and River Trust will take against him.

IMG_7658One of the many tilting Pill boxes on the South Oxford canal.

We are now moored near to the bleeding great mast on the summit on The South Oxford canal and are awaiting the arrival of Keith and Ann on Nb Oakfield for a chill out and the odd glass wine…


                                                                                Happy Days


  1. very nice.i would not think that the farmer will get away with that for very long. x

    1. We will see if it's still there when we come back this way...