Tuesday, 14 April 2015

2 Years afloat !!!!!!


IMG_7477We have now been aboard Narrowboat Inca for 2 years and are still going strong (I think). Unfortunately there are now only 3 of us as we had to say a sad goodbye to our dog Molly who passed away earlier in the year.

A few stats from our last 2 years…. We have travelled 1966 miles and Carolyn has worked 1320 locks ,while i have I have done just 12 locks. We have run the engine for a total of 2012 hours.The Solar panels have produced 17,923 amps and have been a great success. As for the blog, I have posted 281 times and have had over 58,000 views. Finally and most importantly I have so far emptied 351 toilet cassettes. I was going to mention how many bottles of Red wine i have consumed , but thought better of it.

We are now entering our 3rd year on Inca and are looking forward to our new adventure this year as we head down the South Oxford Canal and then on to the River Thames and then down to Reading and on to the Kennett and Avon Canal then hopefully making it down to Bath. Having never been there before it will all be new to us and a great adventure . There is one thing that you just cant beat on an unfamiliar canal, and that is not knowing what is a round the next corner … Bring it on !!!

                                                                                Happy Days


  1. Are you sure you didn't add up how many gallons of red that you have drunk Gary?
    Anyway you both look happy and relaxed with your life aboard continuously cruising, see you soon.

    1. Hi Ann and Keith, I really need to ease off on the red stuff, maybe one day..Always happy ,well most of the time. See you later.

  2. Happy Anniversary. All three of you look great! As soon as you started say how much of this and how much of that, I thought "Red Wine." Ann & Keith, he didn't say he did not know how much - he said he would not mention it. Warm days, soft winds, and pleasant cruising to the three of you.
    Aloha, Amos and Charlene