Thursday, 16 April 2015

Disco Very


IMG_7459After leaving Braunston we picked up a mooring at Fox’s Gate. The first job after mooring was to clean up the ash pile that someone had left in the middle of the towpath. We have an ash tin that we put the hot ashes in . Once they have cooled down they can then be bagged up and disposed of at a refuse point. But it seems that some boaters are just bone idle lazy gits.

IMG_7474The Disco boat , I wonder (curly) how many people call it Disco very .

IMG_7510We are now entering Wigrams marina where Inca will stay for the next week or so .We have a hire car booked and are going back down to Devon for our annual medical check ups and to catch up with family and friends.

IMG_7531All settled and docked on our berth. We are now on mains electric and it comes free with the mooring fee of £10 a night. So needless to say we are giving it a bit of a hammering before we leave, with the washing machine and tumble dryer running flat out. We also have a couple of electric heaters ,so we have let the solid fuel stove go out. Hopefully we it shouldn't be lit again this year. I have made a bit of a cock up and still have 6 bags of coal on the roof which will have to stay there all summer.

IMG_7538The view across the marina. We have talked about spending the winter months in a marina and i must admit life would be a lot easier with all the facilities marinas have to offer.

We are now spending our last night on-board Inca in Wigrams marina and have an early start in the morning for our annual trip back down to Devon.

                                                                                            Happy Days


  1. OK, Gary, I was fooled by the Disco Very - wasn't till I read the note to Curly, that I twigged. Must be getting old ...
    We like Wigram's Turn - we've hired from there many times before buying our boat and we've moored Waka Huia there too.
    Travel safely down to Devon. Cheers, Marilyn
    PS Only 3 weeks till we are heading back to the UK - grandsons first in Scotland, then to the boat at Barby by 19 May. getting excited!

  2. Hi Marilyn, Wigrams does seem to be a very well run and friendly marina and we could see ourselves spending the winter there some time in the future.As soon as we get back from Devon we will start our trip down the South Oxford and eventually end up at Bath. Have a trip back to the UK and enjoy your summer cruising on Waka Huia.........

  3. lovely to see you xxxxxxxx