Sunday, 26 April 2015

Snake Alert

IMG_7670Whilst sat at the back of Inca on a lovely warm afternoon this chap decided to swim out from the bank and have a wander along through the reeds. Of course Carolyn had Kittens when she saw it as she has a massive fear of snakes. I assured her it was just a harmless little grass snake (I think) and there was no chance of it getting aboard Inca .
IMG_7682We are moored opposite the very un welcoming houses at Cropredy on the 24 hour moorings where they have these lovely looking Gazebos. Its the place where they have signs that ask you to move your boat away if you are going to run your engine to charge your batteries ,so as not to disturb the poor old residents who just happen to live next to a canal that has been there for hundreds of years.It was funny though how one of the residents spent a good hour or more cutting his lawn on a beautiful sunny evening with the most noisiest petrol mower we have ever heard.
IMG_7688After a night at Cropredy and an early start making as much little noise as possible so we didn't disturb the locals we dropped down through the picturesque Cropredy lock and then onto the service point to fill with water and get rid of the you know what.
IMG_7694Entering Banbury and they are building a massive building which is going to be used to store film props. These guys were trying to sort out the drains.
IMG_7698Eventually into Banbury and moored near Tom Rolt bridge Fortunately all the moorings in the town are 48 hours during the Summer, Which means Carolyn wont have too much time to hit the shops. But i bet she will have a good old go at trying to empty them.

                                                                             Happy Days


  1. did not like the look of that snake. xxxx

    1. Carolyn didn't like the look of it either !!!!