Monday, 27 April 2015

The Angel’s share


IMG_7704This boat was moored in Banbury and i didn't have a clue what the name meant until a very wise old man (Keith cabin boy, Nb Oakfield) explained it to me.  During the ageing process, at least 2% of the whisky in each barrel evaporates through the oak. The distilleries refer to this portion as the Angels’ Share…. Well, Its always been known that whisky is a heavenly drink!

IMG_7713Here we go again , Ann (Captain of Nb Oakfield) leading the way. Its Curry club day at Wetherspoons in Banbury…. Decisions ,decisions. Do we go in or not, of course we did and we even went back for Fish club on the following day. Just the ticket !!!!!!!

IMG_7718This guy poled past Inca with a huge smile on his face. I asked him if he had a problem with his engine and apparently it blew up many months ago. He has pulled and poled it all the way from Oxford and it has so far taken him 4 months. When i asked him how far he was going he replied “Birmingham”. He said he was retired and time didn't matter to him.  Sooner him than me…

IMG_7701A right pair of Comedians in Sunny Banbury.

IMG_7708How much ???? So that's what those posh people in Cropredy paid…Looking good Ann !!!!!!!!!!!

IMG_7699Carolyn and Ann hitting the shops of Banbury and doing what Girls do best .. Shopping and even more shopping

IMG_7720Its now time for the big Spring clean on Inca, both inside and out.While Carolyn has been busy shopping both sides of Inca have now been polished and then had a coat of wax applied. I have now painted the Gunnels and sorted out and cleaned the roof . We are now looking good for our continuing journey towards Bath.

                                                                                                                Happy Days


  1. Looking good Gary look at the depth of that shine even on a dull day, gunnels not bad either!

  2. Ejppoyed the blog.Nice to see Carolyn still out shopping. Your friend Ann looks a really happy and friendly lady. full of fun. See you are making use of your new polisher. x

  3. Hi Ade.. Thanks for the comment. Just need to keep it up ,will try and wax it every month if possible, its a lot of work but well worth it....

  4. I'm feeling like Lady Diana, having the paparazzi following my every move.
    Now if we Galley Slaves didn't do all the shopping, you Cabin Boys would starve I think!

    1. Enjoy the the fame and carry on looking after the Cabin Boys !!!!