Saturday, 30 August 2014






IMG_3425On Friday morning we pulled pins from our mooring opposite the farm where they filmed Black Beauty back in the seventies and headed for the Tesco moorings in Rickmansworth. It seems we didn't get everything we needed a couple of days ago at Tesco in Bulls bridge… But what do i know about shopping !

IMG_3438Look out Carolyn        There's one behind you !!!!!!.

IMG_3443After a good days cruising and in heavy winds we picked up this mooring just below Lady Capels lock on a river section of the Grand union canal.

IMG_3446After a night of rain we woke to find that Inca had risen by 5 or 6 inches. As we were on a river we left the ropes looser than we normally do on canals but didn't expect it to rise this much . The mooring ropes were so tight you could have played a tune on them …

IMG_3455We pulled pins on Saturday morning at 09.15 and it wasn't long before we came across our new Aussie friends Bob and Bron and their lovely little dog Bunion who Bob is holding, on NB Celtic Maid..We stopped and had a cuppa with them and me and Bob had a good old bit of toilet talk…( Hope your full light shines bright Bob).. We will meet up with you both again soon….


IMG_3472If its not Crocodiles its bloody Dinosaurs.

IMG_3467I am not sure what this is about .

IMG_3476One for my Old man …….

IMG_3477We passed this boat and Carolyn really liked it . She has a thing about wide beams and one day when we are old and grey we will probably end up with one if she has her way…. But i am not sure that she would like a boat with this name. …..

We are now moored just before Berkhamsted and with good TV and Internet we may well spend Sunday here. But on the other hand we may get up and move in the morning..Decisions, decisions, decisions

                                                       Happy Days





                                                       Happy Days