Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Billy no mates


wendover 023We are still at the end of the Wendover arm and enjoying the peace and tranquility of the area. We feel a bit like Billy no mates as we are the only boat moored at the end , but its just the way we like it and apart from a couple of Fishermen and the odd walker it is so peaceful.


wendover 036Yet again another boat gets wedged across the canal. Instead of putting the bow in to the corner like you would in a winding hole they try to turn in one maneuver and with a bit of wind and the canal not being wide enough they get well and truly stuck. Yet again I was told by her ladyship to get off my fat bum and go and help them.


wendover 017On Tuesday while Carolyn walked in to Tring to get a few bits and pieces me and Curly took Molly and Hamish for a walk to look at the progress of the restoration on the Wendover arm .


wendover 018Work is progressing on the Wendover arm, but as it is all done by volunteers in their spare time its going to be many many years before it reaches Wendover.


wendover 037On Wednesday we walked in to Tring and then went to The Natural History Museum. The museum was a private museum built by  Lionel Walter , 2nd  Baron Rothschild and was built in 1889 and contains one of the largest collections of stuffed animals in the country.


wendover 039Don’t worry Carolyn he won’t bite you !!!


wendover 046Curly wasn’t that keen when we suggested a museum visit but she soon got totally taken in by it and thoroughly enjoyed herself.


wendover 049The Rothschild family gave the museum to the nation in 1937 and the Natural History Museum took over the running of it.


wendover 040The museum has 6 separate galleries and you will need a couple of hours to have a good look around at all the exhibits.


wendover 047In 2011 a thief broke in to the museum and stole the horns from 2 rhinos , but the horns valued at £240,000 had been replaced by false ones before the break-in . The silly sod who broke-in was arrested and charged with theft.


wendover 045We all really enjoyed our visit to the museum and we all learnt a lot as we wandered around the exhibits. If ever you are in the area it is well worth a visit……… And one of the best things I liked about the museum ………. it is FREE to go in.


                                                                                                                   Happy Days


  1. well that looked good glad that abbie was interested. weather is looking nice up there, windy here but bright. xxxx

    1. It was a good day enjoyed by all of us!!!!!