Monday, 1 September 2014

A few stats on a wet day


IMG_3497We ended up not moving on Sunday and decided to have a bit of a lazy day. We then woke on Monday morning to heavy rain and as Carolyn didn't fancy getting wet we decided to have another day on our mooring here below Berkhamsted.

IMG_3503With rain today and it being to wet to travel i finished the installation of our Intruder alarm , we should now be safe from Burglar Bill.

IMG_3488That's me working hard on the Blog.

I last checked our Stats on the 20th of June and since then we have certainly done some travelling. We have done 462 miles and gone through 318 locks in just under two and a half months. So you can not say that we are not continuous cruisers. We have gone from Llangollen to the Anderton boat lift , then done the whole length of the river Weaver. It was then back down the Trent and Mersey and up the Macclesfield canal to the Peak Forest canal and to the end at Bugsworth Basin. From there it was down to London via Shardlow and Leicester on the River Soar. And now we are heading North again and i think its about time we started to slow down a bit. From the day we started our time aboard we have now covered 1623 miles and gone through 1062 locks, I have done 9 locks and Carolyn has done 1053. We have filled 241 toilet cassettes and i have emptied every single one. Our Beta 43hp engine has now run for a total of 1699 hours , it was on 270 hours when we bought it so we have clocked up 1429 hours. As always the Solar panels are performing brilliantly at this time of year and supplying us with all our electrical needs when we don't move which saves us running the engine or Generator.

On the blog we have now posted 179 blogs and are averaging 688 page views a week according to the blog Stats over the last month. We are also on UK Waterways Ranking Site which is a red and black button on the top right hand side of the blog page and our position at the moment is 44 , We have been as high as 33 but I'm not sure how it works because the page views/hits on there are totally different to the figures on the blog stats .

Tomorrow as long as the weather is good we will move up the six locks to Berkhamsted. Carolyn has told me that i have to take her out for a lovely meal at a good Restaurant, so when we get there the first job will be to find a Fish and Chip shop …


                                                                         Happy Days


  1. all very interesting.hello granddad
    love the blog I will ring you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    1. Thanks Curly , I look forward to talking to my number one girl. Xxxxx