Saturday, 16 August 2014

Peace and Tranquility

to Berko 027Still up the Wendover arm and still enjoying the peace and tranquility. Carolyn and Curly decided to do a bit of fishing and set up in the corner of the basin.


to Berko 004After a couple of hours of perseverance they finally caught a fish and you can see how delighted they were to catch it.


to Berko 007Not seen this before, It’s a bow thruster on a hire boat . What a good idea. We have met so many hirers who have great difficulty handling their boats and it ends being such a stressful holiday for them . Apart from that maybe if they all had bow thrusters they would have a bit more control and wouldn’t bump in to us as much as they do now.


to Berko 020On Thursday afternoon after spotting this chap cruising in the basin I floated a bit of bread crust and was lucky enough to hook and land him. It gave me even greater pleasure than normal as there were 3 other anglers in the basin with thousands of pounds worth of tackle and they only caught tiddlers all day, and there was me with my 40 year old reel and £5 rod from Lidl. Result !


to Berko 038Later on Thursday afternoon this boat got stuck while trying to wind (turn) in the Wendover arm basin and had to be poled off the side. Being on the summit of the Grand union canal all the water needs to be pumped from reservoirs to maintain the water level. There are locks at either end of the summit and every time a boat uses a lock you loose 50,000 gallons of water. If its busy the pumps struggle to maintain the level and we noticed that as the days went on the level got lower and lower.


to Berko 045On Friday with the water level higher than we have seen it all week we pulled pins at 08.00. There was no problem what so ever going past the flour factory this time


to Berko 053When we got to Cowroast after crossing the Tring Summit we shared the locks down to Berkhampsted with fellow bloggers Nb Holderness. We really enjoyed their company down the locks and the next time we meet we will discus toilets in great detail !!!!!!


to Berko 058I liked this idea and it is one of the better solutions I have seen of how to carry a motorcycle on a narrowboat . The platform swings to the right and left so it doesn't matter which side the towpath is and there is also room to stand next to the bike on the platform which makes it a lot more user friendly compared to other ones I've seen. I think the problem I would have is remembering its there when I'm in a lock.


to Berko 060I wonder if I could make up something to carry this on the back of Inca..


to Berko 064When we got to Berkhampsted we picked up this mooring opposite the park and just a short walk in to the town . We were going to spend just one night here but as soon as Curly saw the park she told us that it would more likely be 2 or 3 nights.


                                                                                                                       Happy Days

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