Wednesday, 20 August 2014

London bound


to london 012On Tuesday morning we pulled pins from our mooring at Rickmansworth and headed towards Cowley Peachy. We passed this chap hanging around on the way.


to london 023Below Coy Carp lock is the canoe slalom course. The current was not as strong as it was last time we passed through here so we decided not to give it a go in Inca .


to london 026Bloody good job he was chained down. ( photo taken by Curly )


to london 034At Uxbridge lock , Canal and River Trust were painting the lock. There were 13 people with paint brushes and the gates and balance beams looked immaculate. Isn't it strange that when you get anywhere near a city or town there is no expense spared with maintenance and then when you are out in the country or some backwater somewhere they don’t seem to give a toss about maintenance.

to london 030We passed this boat last year . Somehow I just can’t see it catching on.


to london 043We eventually picked up this mooring just below Cowley lock at 13.00 . With Molly needing a vet  we found one about 3 miles away , so Carolyn had to get a taxi to take her and molly to the practice. Nothing is ever simple when you live on a boat and you don’t have transport.

We are now within striking distance of London and as we did last year we intend to leave this mooring early in the morning and hopefully pick up a mooring in Paddington basin.


to london 049We pulled pins from Cowley Peachy at 05.50 on Wednesday morning. With the temperature down to 10 degrees it was on with the long trousers and winter jumpers. After a couple of hours the temperature started to rise and we saw this chap soaking up the sun.


to london 059On the Paddington arm and when we came through last year this was just a hole in the ground. One section of it has been finished and people are starting to move in to the flats.


to london 074Passing Wembley stadium and this is one of the best views from the canal.


to london 076Yet another good boat name.


to london 078 As you come closer to Paddington you pass this Terrace of houses and I just love them , and I bet they cost a bleeding fortune.


to london 083After 5 and a half hours of cruising we finally arrive in Paddington and how lucky are we. There is only one mooring available in the basin and its on our favored side which is next to the hospital.


to london 087This is a good sight. A new pontoon in the basin . It will join on to the moorings on the hospital side and it looks like it is close to being finished and ready for boats to moor on.

About 20 seconds after mooring Carolyn and her apprentice shopper Curly headed for Praed street and Edgeware road for a bit of retail therapy and Granddaughter training.

With Daughter Chloe coming to join us on Friday and niece Sally and her daughter Orla coming on Sunday we will certainly have a busy and exciting time in London.

                                                                                                       Happy Days


  1. loved your photo Abbie of the crocodile good job you stayed on Inca the basin brought happy memories of last year

  2. Last year !!! That was a long time ago.. Curly loves London and is looking forward to visiting the Queen !!!!!

  3. No doubt you will be visiting all the 'free' museums! And of course it's free to go and have a look in Queenie's gate.............hope you enjoy the underground!

    1. I have never been on the underground ,so that should be an experience ...And do I love the word. Free

  4. your tighter than a ducks a--!!! treat them to a west end show u od git

    1. Hello Nicolas.. £6 for a hotdog and £4 for an ice cream.. I am not paying those prices, I am just a poor old pensioner... Anything that's free then im happy..