Saturday, 9 August 2014

Hard work for Chloe (That’s a first)



milton 054After getting soaking wet going through Blissworth tunnel (my fault because I told her it would be dry) Chloe soon got to work on the Stoke Bruerne flight of locks. I don’t think she realized how heavy it was trying to open and close the lock gates and paddles. She certainly slept well that night.


milton 065We passed this boat in Cosgrove, not sure what is was all about, but I think he likes music.


milton 085Passing over Cosgrove aqueduct and Chloe didn’t have the nerve to stand on the edge of Inca as we passed over the 40 foot drop.


milton 105Chloe having a scoot…. She will never ever grow up !!!!!!!


milton 114You can’t visit Milton Keynes without visiting the famous concrete cows.


milton 116On Thursday evening we were joined by Paul and Lorna from nb India . After a lovely takeaway meal it was out with a good old Devon cream tea which Paul just loves ,and made the correct way by Carolyn with the jam on top of the cream. Their dog Buster and Hamish were looking for a bit of scone but unfortunately they were both disappointed. Thanks for a great evening you two and we will catch up with you both again later.

On Friday morning Chloe left us and headed back down to Devon and then next week she is off with her mates for a girlie holiday in the sun..


milton 128After saying goodbye to Chloe we pulled pins on Friday morning at 09.45 and headed towards Fenny Stratford to top up with water and get rid of the waste. Its amazing how quick the toilet cassette fills up when you have visitors onboard. I did keep suggesting that they all started doing hedgers (peeing in the hedge) but they were not very impressed with my idea. The picture above shows Abbie Louise meeting Abbie Louise.


milton 130Do I NOT like this boat.


milton 011After a good but wet night above Church lock on Friday we pulled pins on Saturday and headed for a mooring we enjoyed last year when we came this way just past Pitstone. At least the locals seem to be friendly as we make our way up towards Tring summit. We moored up at 13.45 after a few hours of steady cruising. I have several jobs I need to do on Inca so an early stop will give me a chance to catch up on things.


milton 013On route we came to Curlys first ever swing bridge just before Cooks Wharf. She found it more fun to stand in the middle as Carolyn pushed it open.


milton 019What a shame another boat bites the dust. It looks like someone has made an attempt to refloat it as it had plastic all around it. At least Canal and River Trust are on the case as there is a notice to remove it on the side.

We are now on our mooring and all set for the Hurricane that is meant to hit us on Sunday. I think it was all played up a bit a few days ago, but now they seem to be saying there will just be a few high winds and a bit of rain . Anyway we have good TV and Internet and if we get desperate we will get out the good old compendium of games that Curly loves to play.


                                                                                                                                                                                           Happy Days


  1. loved this blog. looed as though chloe was enjoying herself. fancy seeing two abbiie louises glad to see abbie had her life jacket on .hope you are ready for the storm and you have some good weather next week

    1. There is nothing better than a storm when you are on a a Narrowboat ....Curly having a great time ....She is a Star !!!!!

  2. Note for Chloe - You have to grow older, growing up is optional! Aloha, Amos

  3. Thanks Amos..I hope she takes note of your comment ....