Thursday, 28 August 2014

Leaving London


IMG_3346This boat came into Paddington basin looking for a mooring and all looks normal as it passes us and goes up to the end of the basin to wind (turn).

IMG_3349When it turns it becomes a completely different looking boat. Its done as a ploy to try and extend mooring in a certain area. After their mooring time runs out they just turn the boat around so that it looks like a different boat . I have seen many boats with one side one colour and the other another but nothing like this before.

IMG_3360On Wednesday morning we pull pins and say goodbye to London. On Tuesday afternoon we had a letter put on the boat from Canal and River Trust to say that from now on it was ok to double berth under the hospital , and within 10 minutes a boat had berthed along side us. Its a bit of a pain for us as every time they walk across our boat or make a noise on their boat Molly and Hamish start to bark so we always try to avoid doubling up.

IMG_3369On the way out we stopped in Little Venice to take on water and get rid of waste. There are 2 water points and with the other one taken we had to use the one on the Paddington side, But as you can see with a boat as long as ours you just cant get in without blocking the entrance to the bridge unless you moor like this.

IMG_3376We passed this boat on our way out of London and it is named after a word that is used a lot these days, but of course i didn't have a clue what it meant although i used to hear it said occasionally at a place i used to work by certain people (Who will of course remain nameless) . Carolyn knew what it meant and she told me that it means  =          Does It Look Like I Give A F##k   . Well that's not very nice is it.

IMG_3384After leaving the Paddington arm we stopped at Bulls bridge and did a Tesco shop as it is very handy to the canal and for once there was a free space for us to moor in. When we got back from shopping it was down the weed hatch for me. You always know when there is something caught up around the prop as you normally start to get a vibration on the rudder as we were getting ,and sure enough we pulled this little lot off from around the prop.

IMG_3385With the water being fairly clear down here you can see what you are doing down the weed hatch, but most times you have to go on feel , and when you first put you hand down there you haven't got a clue what you are about to touch.

IMG_3395After a wet night moored below Cowley lock in Uxbridge we pulled pins at 09.40 on Thursday as soon as it stopped raining and headed off towards Rickmansworth and passsed this boat on the way,  I wonder why a lot of boats are named after alcoholic drinks….. Maybe a lot of boaters are Alcoholics.

IMG_3418There are loads of us like this ….

IMG_3404Up through Denham deep lock which is one of the deepest locks in this area.

IMG_3421After several hours of cruising we finally picked up this mooring just below Rickmansworth and opposite the farm where they filmed the TV series of Black Beauty back in the seventies.

We will move again tomorrow as the towpath is very busy here with walkers and a few idiots on speeding push bikes . But at least we have good internet and TV here so i will be able to settle down with a bottle glass or two of the red stuff and watch my beloved Spurs in European action tonight..     COME ON YOU SPURS !!!


                                                                                  Happy Days


  1. lovely looking up through the Basin you certainly see a variety of different namened boats. you should be ok with the weather as the forcast is to improve for the coming week. xxx

    1. Looking forward to some sunshine , we just love the hot weather. Shame to leave London having not done everything I wanted to do , but that's just life...Maybe next year if I am lucky!!!....or NOT !!!......................THAT WAS CUTTING WIT AND NOT SARCASM.......Well may be a little bit of SARCASM...

  2. you have to go back, xxx

    1. Yes.......I am going to go back !!!!!!!

  3. great to read the blog as ever you know how many visitors your blog gets out of interest. it's become a feature in our house to see what you are up to several times a week. it's Dartmouth Regatta this week and i know you'll miss the fun of worrying whether Mayors will fail or not ??.
    seeing the Sloe Gin boat made me smile as we picked sloe's this week and have made a 3litre batch which should be ready for Christmas.
    Anyway, great to see that your efforts to drain the Chilean wine lake are continuing and will raise a glass to you and Mrs GP tonight.
    Take Care.

    1. Hi David , Great to hear from you as always. We can get between 300 and 700 visitors a week on the blog, Most are from the UK , but there is probably about 20% from the USA and then many from all around the World . I spoke to John Sparks this week and am so pleased to hear that he retires next week. I have heard that Mayors Avenue has a full set of Pumps so hopefully it should be ok. May we wish you and Sarah the best of luck with your forthcoming wedding and we will certainly be toasting the special day with a glass or two on NB Inca ..