Monday, 30 September 2013


With Carolyn still down in Devon I have walked miles and miles with Molly and Hamish. At least 2 times a day we walk down to Hillmorton locks .It is a great place for some free entertainment . Not only hire boats getting it wrong but some of the nice shiney ones mess it up sometimes.

              The weather here has been brilliant compared to what Carolyn is having down in Devon.

                                                    OOPS...Can't fit 2 boats into a single lock .

 The view opposite our mooring. There are plans being put in to pull down all the masts at the old Rugby radio station and build 6,200 houses with 4 schools plus retail and industrial. As you can imagine there are a lot of local people against it.

                                 Music on the canal...2 guys with squeeze boxes happily playing away.

  I certainly slept better being moored near this boat.... Think of all the trouble he could get you out of  !!!

                                       Carolyn is back.....   Here she is travelling light as usual.

Carolyn was worn out from her trip down to Devon so it was an early night on Sunday. On Monday we are supposed to be having our new pram cover fitted by Wilsons. So the plan for Monday morning is to get up early and go down the 3 locks at Hillmorton then wind (turn) in the winding hole, get rid of rubbish then come back up the locks. We will then be facing the right way for our journey back down the North oxford canal and on to the Grand union canal. We will then ring Wilsons and hopefully get our cover fitted.

                                    We pulled pins at 07.15 on Monday and soon got down the 3 locks.

                                                                      Inca winding. (turning)

 Round she goes..... It is very tight and took several forward and backward manoeuvres to get her around.

                                                                                Nearly there.

                                            Did it.....   And I didn't hit another boat.

All went OK ...Then  a boater who thought the world was about to end came racing at full speed towards us. After just avoiding a collision with us he shouted "sorry mate me brakes don't seem to be working" .

                     He then caused problems for the boat in the lock next to the one we were using.

He was single handed and in such a hurry. We watched him enter the lock and what he did was to leave the engine in gear and on about half throttle so the boat was forced to the front of the lock. He then closed the gates and opened the paddles. When the lock had filled the boat still being in gear forced the lock top gate open and out it went by itself . And all to save him opening the gate.

We then went up through the locks and moored at the top . Carolyn then rang wilsons and guess what ?? The new cover was still being made and would not be fitted today as we were promised. They have now said it will be ready on Friday......We will see.

We have stayed at Hillmorton top locks for the day and will then decide this evening where to go next . What tough decisions we have to make.

                             Happy Days

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