Friday, 4 October 2013

Pram cover fitting

On Wednesday afternoon we had our usual walk down to Hillmorton locks for our daily entertainment . While we were there we said farewell to Chris on nb Bellota who is on his way up the Ashby canal. Have a good trip Chris and we will meet up again in the future.
On the way back to Inca we met a lady who was carrying bags of wood down onto the towpath. She said she was leaving it there for any passing boaters that wanted it. So we had the lot....

             After a couple of hours of chopping we had enough kindling to last us for months.

Thursday morning and we pulled pins at 08.45 for the cruise down to Braunston. We have a meeting arranged on Friday with Wilson covers to fit our new pram cover.

                                                What a place to moor.  It made it a bit tight to pass.

                                                                      Jacob's..... I hope

                                                                         Approaching Braunston.

            The view from the bow of Inca and the leaves changing colour on the willow trees.

                 Late on Friday morning the fitter from Wilson's arrived and started to fit our new cover.

                                                   Carolyn just has to get involved in everything.

                                              Her ladyship checking that it meets with her approval.

"Yes I like this" 
                                                                      "And I like it in here"

     After a couple of hours the cover was fitted. They have to come back yet again for a fourth time as they forgot to bring the covers for the frames and parts for one of the zips. Anyway we are more than happy with the quality and the fit of the cover.   Now for the bad part.....paying for it .

                   Happy Days



  1. Hello Nicholas
    It's somewhere to sit all day and do nothing.....Reminds me of my old van !!!!! (If only...You know I was the hardest working operator ever)