Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Plum jam

We pulled pins at 07.45 on Monday with the aim of getting through Tamworth and mooring on the other side of the town. But on the way as we were passing an out of town shopping centre ,we just had to stop and go and have a look around.....said Carolyn.

A couple of hours later and we were on our way again. They gave good weather but it hammered down most of the morning . Still we didn't mind getting wet . We enjoy it what ever the weather throws at us.

      We passed this hire van....What letter would a naughty minded person paint on this van...
                               You thought it!!! ......not me... I thought a T or a B

                                     Our mooring for the night opposite Tamworth golf course.

 Not long after mooring this old man and his dog stopped talking to us and before long he was showing us all the tricks the dog could do....like balancing a biscuit on his nose then tossing it in the air and catching it in his mouth...good boy

Tuesday morning we pulled pins at 07.15 as we wanted to get up the Atherstone flight of 11 locks as early as possible.

                      Saw this under a motorway bridge....Carolyn reckons its a Banksy.

                                                    What Carolyn needs to pack the fags in.

 Half way up Atherstone locks we came across this plum tree. All the ones at the bottom of the tree had been picked but it was loaded at the top. So it was out with the fishing landing net and we soon had enough to make several pots of jam.

                                                       Look what I've got !!!!

                                     We have also now started to collect wood for the fire.

                                                  Our mooring for Tuesday night.

We also picked some blackberries and apples. So tonight we have lovely crumble for dessert. yum!

Tomorrow we will pull pins a bit later in the morning. They give rain early in the morning and clearing later. But when can you believe what the weather man says.

                                    Happy Days


  1. Gary, surely you need 'Willpower' for giving up something!

  2. Um ...let me think. glug glug glug.....still thinking ....hang on while I open yet another bottle of wine...glug glug....NO can't think of anything I need to give up..... glug.