Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Tixall wide

It has been a very chilled (lazy) few days. We arrived at Tixall wide on Friday and intended leaving on Monday but we enjoyed it so much we stayed on a bit longer.

                                 Saturday morning and the sun coming up over Tixall wide.

 We had a walk into Great Hayward and saw this road ....It nearly says Abbie (Grand daughter).

                        We then walked over this very old footbridge to Shugborough Hall.

                         But when we saw it was £15 each to get in we quickly turned around.

                                                     And went back over the bridge.

 On Saturday a boat moored up behind us flying the flag of Devon. It was Paul and Jill from Plymouth on narrow boat Falcon. It turns out that they had the same dream as us and moved aboard 12 months before us. They even bought Falcon through the same Agents as us. We had a great weekend and really enjoyed their company and we look forward to meeting up with them again .

                                                The sun going down over Tixall.

                                           Its not a bad view on the other side of Inca.

On Tuesday morning we had a visit from Wilson covers to measure for our new rear pram cover on Inca. He just measured for the supporting bars and will go away and bend them to shape and then come back at a later date with the bars. He will fit the bars and then make a pattern of the cover. Then at a later date again he will be back to fit the finished cover.

                                                 Dusk at Tixall on our last night.

We decided to have an early start on Wednesday as we wanted to fill with water and get rid of the rubbish and waste at Haywood junction then get to rugeley by mid day to get some essential supplies. But as you can see it was a bit like pea soup at 07.15.

               Another sunken boat and we were told the guy was living on it when it sank.

                            Speed camera and police boat as you approach Rugeley. (dummy)

We managed to get a mooring in nearly the exact same place we had here last week. So it was not far into the town . I wanted to get a machine to record the TV as we sometimes miss not having sky+. So for a hundred quid we got a recorder from Argos with most of the features of sky+. ...Just need now to understand how it works.

With the essential supplies stowed onboard (above picture) it was off for a walk around the town and then another early start tomorrow as we make our way towards the Ashby canal.

                        Happy Days


  1. Would you chaps mind if I used one of your photos of Tixall wide for our website please? - I'm putting together our 2019 cruise schedule and as we've not yet been down there, I can't use my own.


  2. Hi Mark. You are more than welcome to use any picture.