Tuesday, 17 September 2013


Sunday and they forecast heavy rain and high winds. And it certainly was windy..

                                Our windy mooring near Market Bosworth on the Ashby canal.

In the afternoon the rain died out so it was out with Molly and Hamish. All was going great until Hamish decided he wanted to go down a deserted badger hole. After 20 minutes of us shouting down the hole he eventually surfaced.... Bad boy!!!

 While out walking we decided to do a bit of logging and get some wood for the fire. But as you can see it was more sticking than logging.

                           Don't worry Molly and Hamish . I think I know what I'm doing.

  In the end we had a nice little collection of wood on the roof. That should keep us going for an hour or two. 

 With no sun to power the solar panels it was out with the new generator. It takes about an hour of running to put 10% battery capacity back into the battery bank.

We stayed here again on Monday as the winds were still very blustery.But we have to move on Tuesday and find a good mooring with access from a road as Wilson covers are coming on Wednesday to fit the bars and make a template/pattern for our new pram cover.
 On Tuesday we pulled pins at 08.20. The wind had dropped off but it was cold. The temperature when we set off was 9 deg C. So it was out with the winter coats ,hats and gloves.

We managed to get a good mooring on bridge 23 right outside of the farm shop we visited on the way up the Ashby. Carolyn bought a few bits and pieces in the shop to keep us going until we can get to a supermarket.

Not long after stopping it started to rain again but with plenty of everything we need to be comfortable we will be OK here.

                          Happy Days

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