Saturday, 7 September 2013


We were up at 06.30 on Saturday and ready to pull pins at 07.15. We started the engine untied the mooring lines and put Inca into gear.

                          The single lever that puts the engine into gear and operates the throttle.

                                                       OOPS...... And Inca goes nowhere.

                                                                             W T F 

For some bizarre reason the lever had snapped off leaving us stranded. Luckily we are members of the  River and Canal rescue ( The AA of the waterways ) and after a call at 08.30 we had a visit from Pete and his apprentice Dillon at 10.30.

They removed the whole assembly and took it away to try and find a replacement. In the meantime we are stuck in Hopwas.

We will update on progress.................

                                                    Happy Days 


  1. heavy handed sod....never your fault is it? just the same when you were at work!!!

  2. Hello Nicholas

    If I could have blamed Carolyn I would have. But it was all down to me, although there could have been a fault in the metal!